My name is Rosie Harte, I am a professional female bodybuilder and fitness personality. I have been working in the fitness industry for over half of my life. I’ve competed over 18 times, won two British titles and won my pro debut show in Dallas 2016. This allowed me to compete on the Olympia stage, head to head with the best in the world. The most prestigious bodybuilding event in the world, Seeing the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Louis Feriggno (the hulk).

I live and work in Yorkshire as an elite personal trainer and online coach. The areas I specialise in are female health, weight loss, muscle building, Transformation specialist, goal setting and confidence building. I really love people, and take a pride in getting to know each of my clients and working closely to make reach those important body and life goals. My work helps you to discover a happier and more fulfilled life through healthy nutrition, fitness and focus.

Originally a dancer, I have always been into exercise and motion of the body to create a positive and lifted emotion of the mind. All though my sport looks heavily at the aesthetics of the body to achieve success, my deepest passion is to teach people the importance of a healthy mind, body and soul to reach their full potential.

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I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 14 years and it’s brought me so much joy. I feel so lucky to have had the experiences I’ve had. I’ve travelled all over the world to compete at the most prestigious bodybuilding events, I’ve met such wonderful and inspiring people that have helped me along the way. Now I feel it’s time for me to give back, time to let people know they have more within in them that they know. I have the mental and physical tools to help you to live your best life.

  • IFBB Pro

  • Olympia 2016 Rookie award

  • 1st place Dallas Pro

  • UKBFF British champion


Bodybuilder, 12 week Competition prep


8 week Glute Transformation


2nd Competition. After one year of working together to gain some muscle tone and curvy shape.


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