About - Rosie Rascal
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If you want to get fit, get strong or get the body of your dreams then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll be able to get the knowledge, guidance and motivation to achieve all your health and fitness goals. I can help you to make fitness more fun, show you how to eat healthy and not sacrifice taste or energy. If you follow my blog you will pick up tips on training and eating to get results. Or you can join my members section to get recipes, nutrition information, workouts, training techniques and daily motivation.

I also offer personalised nutrition and workout plans for any level, beginner to competitive athlete which you can get in touch with me for more details.


Olympia 2016 Rookie of the Year


Appearances in Productions


Years Industry Experience



Who is rosie rascal?

My name is Rosie Harte, I am a 34 years old and a professional female bodybuilder and fitness model/personality. I have been working in the fitness industry for over twelve years. I’ve competed over 18 times, won two British titles and won my pro debut show in Dallas 2016. This allowed me to compete on the Olympia stage, only 4 other UK women to have gotten to this level in bodybuilding.


I live and work in Yorkshire as an elite coach, personal trainer and life coach. I’m Britain’s top female coach and enjoy working with a variety of clients, both male and female athletes and average gym goers. My work helps people to discover a happier and more fulfilled life through healthy nutrition, fitness and focus.


Originally a dancer, I have always been into exercise and motion of the body to create a positive and lifted emotion of the mind. All though my sport looks heavily at the aesthetics of the body to achieve success, my deepest passion is to teach people the importance of a healthy mind, body and soul to reach their full potential.

My Achievements in Body Building

Life is really quite incredible when you feel like you’re on the right path. To wake up every morning with a clear direction and focus, no doubts, no anxiety. Bodybuilding and fitness has given my life so much fulfilment, from meeting all the wonderful people involved, to igniting my most fierce and competitive side.  It’s a sport where I’m constantly learning and improving on both a physical and mental level. It’s taught me so much about health and it keeps me self aware. Bodybuilding allows me to challenge myself every day, and so I’m always growing as a person. I love to research, study and practice all things bodybuilding. From strength training to fat loss along with the bodies energy systems, hormones, vitamins, nutrition and the power of the mind. The life lessons are endless and what originally started as a physical pursuit has become a mind, body and soul enhancing lifestyle that I’m so grateful  to have stepped into.


  • IFBB Tampa Pro Women’s Physique, 5th place



  • IFBB Mr Olympia, Vegas, Womens Physique 12th Place (Awarded Rookie
    of the year)



  • IFBB Amateur Olympia Liverpool, Womens Physique 1st Place
    (Overall Champion) PRO Card awarded  
  • IFBB Dallas Europa Pro Womens Physique 1st Place (straight firsts and Invite to the Olympia)  



  • IFBB Arnold Classic (Amateur) Womens Physique 2nd Place  



  • IFBB Arnolds Classic (Amateur) U55kg Bodybuilding 3rd Place  

  • UKBFF British Championships 1st Place  



  • UKBFF Bodybuilding North East 1st place  
  • UKBFF British Championships 2nd Place



  • NABBA Trained Figure North East 1st Place  
  • NABBA British Finals 1st Place (Overall Womens Champion)  
  • NABBA World Championships Malta 2nd Place



  • NABBA Trained Figure North East Qualifier 2nd Place
  • Sci Mentor Trained Figure 1st Place  
  • NABBA British Finals 6th Place



  • NPA Trained Figure 1st place