Transformations - Rosie Rascal
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Competition Prep. “I wanted a coach that I could connect with, discuss any topic with and get advice from about different topics and I feel that’s who Rosie is.”


 Competition Prep.  “I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first season, but it was better than I could have imagined, and I’ve learnt so much from Rosie.”

Laura Maddox

“I’ve not only improved physically but I’ve been on a mental journey with Rosie too. I’ve had issues with food for a long time and Rosie makes sure my relationship with food is supported whilst achieving a great body transformation”

Andrea Corbett

41 years old, 4 month transformation and lifetime natural WPD competitor

Lainey Kellet

6 month transformation and figure competitor


12 week transformation challenge


Masters bikini competitor

Sue Fereira

4 month transformation

Rascals Booty Building Program


Wellness program

Sam Forbes

IFBB pro Figure competitor.
Winning UKBFF British finals 2017, and being awarded IFBB status, under Rascal competition prep guidance

Steffanie Hutt

12 week wellness package. 12 lbs in 12 weeks, gained muscle, health focused

Carly Gregory

 6 month contest prep


5 month contest prep

Rosie Rascal

8 years bodybuilding consistently

Rosie Rascal 

2 year Bodybuilding muscle Gains


First competition with very little muscle.

Second Competition – After one year of working together to gain some muscle tone and curvy shape.

Before and After. 2 Years Training Hard.


Bodybuilder, 12 Week Competition Prep


14 Week Competition Prep


12 Week Glute Transformation

Emma Gormley

Mum of 2, first picture just weeks after having her second baby.
16 week contest prep and 12 month Transformation
Miss Universe Winner, Trained Figure Nabba


Toned Figure 6 Month Glute Transformation


Basketball player to Bodybuilder

Stephen Burns

Rugby Player, 12 Week Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Program

Greg Newland

16 week contest prep

Greg Newland

Mens Physique
6 month off season muscle gaining phase

Walter Rajah

Masters Mens Physique Competitor
Long standing client, UKBFF titles and IFBB Arnolds Competitor

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